History of Judo

Jigoro Kano founded judo in the late 19th century. Kano originally learnt Jujitsu, as he wanted to find a way to overcome opponents who were much larger than him. However, Jujitsu had a number different disciplines and Kano decided to combine the best possible parts of the sport to form Judo, which translates as ‘the gentle way’.

In 1886,Tokyo Metropolitan Police hosted a tournament between Judo and Jujitsu to determine which sport was superior. Judo won all of the matches except two or three which ended as a draw establishing Judo as the superior sport. It was then officially adopted as the training style of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police force.

Jigoro KanoIn 1964, Judo was accepted into the Olympics and has grown as a sport since. Judo has most recently found fame thanks to Ronda Rousey utiling using many Judo techniques in UFC.