One Quiz to Rule Them All

  • 11th February, 2016

UCC Judo held our annual quiz night tonight and it's safe to say the night was a huge success! This years theme was "Middle Earth" and gave people a chance to put their Tolkien knowledge to the test. Many thanks to our Vice Captain Cara Nies and our Finance Officer Ciara Gildea for all their

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Why I do Judo masterpost

  • 14th December, 2015

Tim Kelly Luke Hickey Brian Dowling Ciara Gildea Bogdan Alexandru Dorin

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North West Open Results

  • 29th November, 2015

Congratulations to Luke, Alex and our trainer David Holmes who won Gold in the team's event in Derry on Saturday. Also Alex won Gold in U73kg Senior Men and Silver in the Open, while Luke won Gold in Lower Kyu and David won Gold in the Masters. It was a fantastic result and we can't wait to see ye

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Why I do Judo

  • 23rd November, 2015

My name is Brian Dowling, and I have been doing judo for maybe a year or so now. I was first introduced to combat sports at a young age; my brother was a black belt in karate. Throughout the years I bounced from sport to sport – boxing, Muay Thai, rugby – but the lack of combat bored me. I was

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Why I do Judo

  • 8th November, 2015

A couple weeks ago, the committee and I were discussing how we would update the website with one suggestion being for each member of the club to blog about their experiences and as you can probably tell that's what I'm going to do. My name is Tim Kelly and as it stands I'm the longest member of

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Judo Mats! A PSA

  • 12th October, 2015

Before training, an important task and partly warm-up that we have to do is put down the mats. It is where we do our drills, where we practice our techniques, and where let ourselves be thrown. It is important for our own safety that our mats are put down properly lest we risk injury(especially our

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Women’s Only Judo Session 12/07/15

  • 13th July, 2015

The first of many national women’s only Judo sessions took place last weekend in UCC Judo in Cork and it was a huge success. We were very lucky to have experienced international Judoka Ellie Dennis down to coach the session.  We had women travelling from Dublin and Killarney to take part in this

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Sunshine and Trainings

  • 28th June, 2015

Hopefully everyone has been having a great summer :) Training has been continuing is normal over the summer and so far we have had some collaborations with Cork City Judo Club and some special visitors who have each helped to develop our club. Secondly, we will be hosting an All Female Judo

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Our New Committee

  • 12th March, 2015

Great news everyone, we elected our new committee for 2015/16 last Monday night :) The results are as follows: Captain-Katie O'Donovan Vice Captain- Cara Nies P.R.O- Rosemine Acbang Treasurer- Ciara Gildea Events Officers- Mark O'Sullivan and Brian Dowling Equipment Officer- Matty Adams

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