Judo Intervarsities Results; 2017


These are the results from the Intervarsities this year, which were kindly held by our friends at DCU. I could go on but really, it would be best if I let the results speak for themselves.

Men’s Novice -73kg
1st Place Christofer O’Conner
2nd Place Adam McCarthy
Men’s Middle Kyu
3rd Place Jack Corbett
Men’s Upper Kyu
1st Place Brian Dowling
3rd Place Daniel Murphy
1st Place Francesco Massardo
2nd Place Jamie O’Donoghue
3rd Place Shane O’Sullivan
3rd Place Thomas Budds
3rd Place Eric Steffen
3rd Place Luke Hickey
3rd Place Brian Dowling
2nd Place Mark O’Sullivan
3rd Place Shane O’Connell
3rd pa Alex Kingston
Women’s Novice -63kg
3rd Place Mimi Coutin
Women’s Middle Kyu
1st Place Ciara Murphy
Women’s Upper Kyu
1st Place Cara Nies
3rd Place Ciara Gildea
3rd Place Aobh Ní Shé
1st Place Ciara Murphy
Men’s Team
1st Place UCC
Women’s Team
1st Place UCC
Mixed Team
3rd Place UCC

The most amazing thing; we managed to do even better than last year! XD
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