Self-Defence Seminar Collaboration

colab seminar

Yesterday UCC Judo joined forces with UCC Feminist Society to bring UCC Students a three week self-defence seminar. Last night at 8.30pm 35 people came to learn some applicable self-defence skills. Our Coach David Holmes and I took the first session, going through various different scenarios while sticking to the basics.

We ran through some simple ways to use your strength efficiently. Judo is based on the idea that a smaller weaker opponent can take down a bigger, stronger one. With this in mind, I (57kg) was able to effectively demonstrate how I can throw Tim (78kg) through the air with relatively little strength. We were able to show ways to successfully break different grips a person might have on you, what to do if someone attacks you from behind, as well as a simple way to defend yourself off of your back.


Next week we will have Dr. John Williams take our session. John is a second degree black belt in Ninjutsu with a wealth of knowledge about self-defence.


Hoping to see everyone back on the mats again next week, and if you missed out this week you can still come to the other sessions. Next session is Monday the 7th of March at 8.30pm

Katie O’Donovan

Club Captain