Captains Speech 2016

Intervarsites 2016 Captains Speech

Three years ago I emailed UCC Judo Club asking if I could join up and I can honestly say that that email has changed my life. I went to my first session and Tim Kelly was there with 2 other people. Since that day Tim and Dave have been able to grow this club into something huge. We went from having only 4 members to having 15 competitors here this year.

We are all here for one reason, we love Judo. Judo is an individual sport but there is more of a family like bond here between us. We are all here to support each other. We lose as a team and we win as a team and that goes for both on the mats and off the mats.

So when you get out on those mats today, do not accept less than what you are capable of! We have all trained, we have all put in the time and we are all ready. Ready for anyone. If you are worried about your opponent today for whatever reason, stop. It doesn’t matter. They don’t give medals based on what you’ve done before. So forget about that aspect and trust in your knowledge, in your technique and in your Judo.

If you can’t trust in your knowledge, trust in David’s. Every Judo club that I have gone to has told me how lucky we are to have David and they are right. David doesn’t talk much about it but he is a seasoned competitor with an extensive competition record. If he says that you have got what it takes, believe me, you have. David and Tim will be on the sidelines for our fights tomorrow. So relax, listen to them, ask for advice, support. Win, lose or draw we are all here for each other.

Make no mistake about it, the person you are fighting is there for one reason, to beat you, for them to win, so go our there and give it everything we all know you have. This wouldn’t be a speech of mine if it didn’t end on a Ronda Rousey quote, so;

There is a moment in every fight where the win is there for the taking and it comes down to who wants it more. So today remember, they are handing out medals tonight, literally handing them out. So why don’t you get one?

Someone has to win, so why not you?

Katie O’Donovan

Club Captain