“You Either Win or You Learn” – Carlos Gracie Jnr

A very romantic Valentines Day was had by UCC Judo Club this weekend!!  6 Judoka competing at a National Dan Grading in Dublin. A competition where Judoka compete against other Judoka to try to improve their rankings and grade upto a higher belt.



Delighted to say that Aobh O’Shea won her fights and graded up to Brown belt!! Aobh won both fights by hold downs. In her first fight Aobh used a Ko Uchi Gari to bring her opponent to the floor and then held her down in Tate Shiho (a mounted top position) to get the win. In her second fight her opponent went for a Tomoe Nage and Aobh was skilfully able to evade being thrown and then passed her opponents legs to get her into a hold down. Aobh pinned her for 20 seconds and won her second fight of the day, thus winning her brown belt!

Brian Dowling also achieved his blue belt yesterday. Brian has come from a back ground in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it was a pleasure to see him put his Judo to the test and win his fights. Brian won his first fight using a technique called Koshi Garuma, a move he’s very familiar with from watching Ronda Rousey take down her opponents in the UFC, and was able to throw his opponent for an Ipon (win). In Brian’s second fight he fought an opponent much taller and heavier than him and was able to take him down with a hip throw called Moroto Seo Nage and again skilfully for an Ipon to take home his second win of the day and his blue belt in Judo!

Our previous Captain Tim Kelly also fought for points for his second dan black belt and was able to achieve 10 points by choking out a fellow black belt with a strangle called Koshi Jime a technique he himself had just showed us the week before hand. However he didn’t manage to escape his fights unharmed and came away with a few scrapes all across his beautiful face on Valentines Day!!


Jamie unfortunately got injured in his first fight and had to forfeit. As for myself and Cara, well the day didn’t go as planned but we are already looking ahead towards the next one. I can’t help thinking that right now I’m both the best I’ve ever been but also the worst I’ll ever be!! Time to get back to the mats and hit them hard in preparation for the intervaristies next week.


After all, you either win or you learn!!


Katie O’Donovan

Club Captain