One Quiz to Rule Them All


UCC Judo held our annual quiz night tonight and it’s safe to say the night was a huge success! This years theme was “Middle Earth” and gave people a chance to put their Tolkien knowledge to the test. Many thanks to our Vice Captain Cara Nies and our Finance Officer Ciara Gildea for all their hard work and effort in getting the quiz up and running this year, I’m sure pronouncing most of those words was no easy feat! We also have to thank Rosemine Achbang our PRO and Matty Adams our Safety Officer for putting in time and research into getting some of the tricky questions together. Here at UCC Judo we are used to bonding by throwing people and arm barring them so it’s always a nice change to be able to meet up for a social event. Judging by the looks of some of our answers it was great to see people but their artistic skills to the test too!


We Really hope that everyone enjoy themselves tonight and if any one would like to come and try out some Judo our next training session will be Monday at 8.30pm in Hall One of the Mardyke Arena :]

Katie O’Donovan

Club Captain